Boys to Men Club

IMG_4BEC53983F17-1.jpegIn September of 2012, I took my 3 boys outside to explore. My father, who chose years ago not to be involved in my life or the lives of my sons, had just died. As Evan, Jude, Beau, and I walked the green belt behind my house, I wondered, “If this was my last day, what is one thing I would want my sons to know?” I knew immediately: “Be like Jesus.”

We walked to a small clearing surrounded by trees at the top of a hill and sat down. The four of us decided that day that it would be our clubhouse and Boys to Men Club was born.

During each walk to our clubhouse, I pray and ask God for wisdom to teach my boys. We started a list called “Boys to Men Club Resolutions” and recite them each time we meet.

I hope to keep adding resolutions as we continue this journey together as a family. Maybe this small glimpse into some of our moments together will encourage you, whether you have boys or girls, or hope to have children one day.

As these little arrows continue to take shape, my hope is that they would soon tear through the darkness with God’s marvelous light.

Let it be so, Lord!

– Michael Bleecker

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